The Insurance Hall of Fame is the insurance industry’s highest prestigious honor. It is awarded to leaders, innovators, and visionaries in the insurance field for having made a broad, encompassing, and lasting contribution to the industry. Located at the University of Alabama, the Insurance Hall of Fame Museum and Lecture Hall houses a collection of memorabilia illustrating the impact the insurance industry and its leaders have had on the world, especially in times of disaster and economic downturn. The Lecture Hall displays an extensive selection of original portraits of Hall of Fame Laureates.


In 1957, the Insurance Hall of Fame Award was created at Griffith Foundation by Dr. John Bickley, Professor Emeritus of Insurance at the University of Alabama. It was created to reflect Dr. Bickley’s view that the institution of insurance would greatly benefit by honoring individuals who have enhanced the ability of insurers to serve society. By recognizing innovators, visionaries, and leaders, the industry encourages each new generation to higher levels of performance and dedication.
Today, the Insurance Hall of Fame has more than 100 laureates and serves as a reminder of the insurance industry’s impact on the world and society. The honor is awarded annually by the International Insurance Society, the world’s most prestigious industry organization, with members representing global insurance leaders, international regulatory authorities, and worldwide insurance scholars from over 90 countries and all sectors of the industry.

Hall of Fame Museum & Lecture Hall

The Insurance Hall of Fame Museum and Lecture Hall were established under the leadership of Dr. Bickley at The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business in 1987 to honor the Hall of Fame Laureates. The museum and gallery were developed with the support and generosity of over 400 individuals and companies from some 50 countries.

The Hall of Fame Lecture Hall is located on the lower level of Mary Hewell Alston Hall and features 80 original portraits of Hall of Fame Laureates. The Hall of Fame Museum, located on the 4th floor of Alston Hall, showcases books, memorabilia, and other important gifts bestowed upon the Hall of Fame Museum. The Hall of Fame Museum and Lecture Hall chronicles insurance history and honors living and deceased industry leaders. A multimedia collection of Laureate portraits, videos, and biographies are also featured at the Claire and Joseph Smetana Gallery at St. John’s University in New York City.


Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM (via appointment)

Admission: Free